Get well with Garlic

  Garlic is a glabrous, bulbous herb which grows to about 30 cm. high. The leaves are flat, narrow and long. The bulb consists of numerous bulblets, known as cloves, enclosed within a whitish skin. It is well known herb in the garden. It is grown for culinary and medicinal purposes.

Its Medicinal use:
  • Kill or expel worms from the body.
  • Prevents or cures spasms.
  • Stimulates flow of saliva, helps in digestion, relieves flatulence and griping pains from stomach and bowels.
  • Promotes the flow of urine.
  • promotes the removal of mucous secretions from the brochial tubes.
  • To reduce or eliminate fevers.
  • Promotes the dissipation of a growth or swelling.
  • Can be used in chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, and other respiratory ailments.
  • It is excellent medicine for colds and can be used in the case of sore throat, hoarseness and tonsillitis.
  • Best remedy for hypertension.
  • Acts as a natural antibiotic and prevents cancer.
  • Good remedy for earache, deafness and the delay of graying of hairs.
  • It is also good for various skin problems.
  • Scientific studies have proved that the consumption of garlic reduces the cholesterol level in the body.
How to use:
  • Use of raw garlic in salads is one of the best remedies for hypertension.
  • The decoction of garlic mixed with coconut oil is given for worms and in smaller doses it is good for infection of the sciatic nerve, inflammation of the respiratory tract and hysteria.
  • The tea garlic, sweetened with honey is recommended for whooping cough, fever and disorders of the nervous system.
  • Externally used, garlic is a disinfectant. It is applied over tumour and wounds. It is a recommended as a poultice for ringworm.
  • Raw garlic juice is good for whooping cough and pulmonary consumption or tuberculosis. Diluted in water the garlic juice is good for earache, deafness and prevention of gray hair. The juice is also used for skin eruptions, corns, fungal infection of the skin, and skin spots.
  • A crushed clove of garlic heated in a tiny vessel or tablespoon containing coconut oil can be very effective for earaches. Only the mild warm oil should be introduced into the painful ear.
Parts to be used:
The bulb (as food, the whole plant can be used).
As indicated above.
Caution: Those who suffer from hypertension (low blood pressure) should not use garlic.

Cure it with Onion

 Onion is a plant that does not need any description because is well-known everywhere.

 Its Medicinal use:
  • As a stimulant.
  • Promotes the flow of urine.
  • Promotes the removal of mucous secretions from the bronchial tubes.
  • Promotes menstrual flow.
  • Soothes and protects the alimentary tract and relieves inflammation.
  • Purifies blood.
  • Tuberculosis, infectious venereal diseases, typhoid fever, abnormal accumulation of liquid in cellular tissue, diabetes, cough, chest and lung problems, influenza, rheumatism, inflamed joints, skin diseases, kidney/gallstones, liver problems, intermittent fever, asthma, nausea and constipation.
  • Good for insect bites, tumors, inflammations, boils containing pus, ulcers, nasal bleeding and arthritis.
  • Raw onion juice promotes growth of hair and prevents baldness.
How to use:
  1. Onion eaten raw, is good for the various disorders and diseases mentioned under Medicinal use.
  2. Mixed with a little pure honey, the onion is externally used for insect bites, tumours, inflammations, boils containing pus, ulcers, nasal bleeding and arthritis.
 As indicated.
Don't eat between meals. Nothing except water. Keep a full 5 to 6 hours in between meals. 

If you want Flawless White Skin

How is it?
  Skin peeling and skin bleaching are two different whitening techniques. Tretinoin is an example of skin peeling substance. It causes the most superficial layer of the skin to mature faster and peel off. Those who have dark discoloration caused by the inflammation from an acne or chickenpox can apply this to peel off the darkened skin. But even without this chemical, that layer of the skin, in natural process, the skin will eventually peel off and blend with the original skin tone in a slower process.
  The most popular medication being used now to whiten the skin is through the use of glutathione. Glutathione is an amino acid compound primarily used  as "liver vitamin" or as antioxidant. Its side effect is to stop or block skin pigmentation that can lead to a whiter and smoother  skin. It is now widely used for this cosmetic effect. It is available in several forms: as capsule, as spray under the tongue, and an inject-able preparation.

What can you do?
Beauty treatments are effective when used properly. when you decide to use any of this agents, keep in your mind that you may develop side effects or reactions from them.
  If you use these substances, be sure to use sun block cream or lotion. Tretinoin has been found to increase the incidence of skin cancer in experimental animals when exposed to sunlight without sun protection.

What the Doctor can do?
  Your doctor, a dermatologist or cosmetic can give you the proper guidance on how to apply or take these peeling and bleaching creams and capsules. Make sure that you have consulted a properly trained and experienced personnel to do the procedure to prevent yourself from having a worse problem than when you started the treatment.

The truth about the effect of Soda or Soft drinks in our Body

Almost everyone are used to drink soft drinks occasional or daily, and because almost are drinking, we don't mind and disregard the bad effect of it in our body. But let us be vigilant this time, we might be protecting our body from harmful device but we are putting in daily liquid that gives pleasure to our taste but slowly killing not only our tissue and organ but our whole system.
Let us act smartly and quickly before it is too late, the warning is already arrived, don't wait for the danger of losing our only vehicle, the body which the living soul rides. Let us live happily by staying healthy.
The picture below will show the details of the soft drink can destroy if we continue the habit of drinking it daily.

Cola Drinks had been used as Insecticides

Agricultural scientists said that the high sugar content of the cola drinks can be very effective in combating pests.
Unsurprisingly, Pepsi and Coca-Cola strongly disagree, saying there is nothing in the drinks that can be used in pest control.
Farmers in the Durg, Rajnandgaon and Dhamtari districts of Chhattisgarh say they have successfully used Pepsi and Coke to protect their rice plantations against pests.
It is a trend that has been seen in other parts of India, with farmers also using Indian brands of colas.
The practice of using soft drinks in lieu of pesticides, which are 10 times more expensive, is gaining so much popularity that sales of the drinks have increased drastically in remote villages.
Farmers say the use of pesticides costs them 70 rupees ($1.50) an acre.
By comparison, if they mix a bottle of Pepsi or Coke with water and spray it on the crop it costs 55-60 rupees less per acre.

Old practice
Agricultural specialist Devendra Sharma says farmers are mistaken in thinking that the drinks are the same as pesticides.
He says the drinks are effectively sugar syrups and when they are poured on crops they attract ants which in turn feed on the larva of insects.
Mr Sharma says using sugar syrup for pest control is not a new practice.
"Jaggery made from sugar cane has been used commonly for pest control on many occasions. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are being used to achieve the same result," he says.
Fearless researchers nail two big, bad American multinationals selling toxic soda to India's masses? Get Bollywood on the line! Unfortunately for Coca-Cola (KO) and PepsiCo (PEP), this scenario isn't a film pitch. An anti-corporate lynch mob has pursued the pair of soda makers since Aug. 9, when a New Delhi environmental group released data purporting to show their soft drinks contain levels of pesticides that greatly exceed proposed Indian safety standards. In response, several Indian states banned sales of Coke and Pepsi.

If the companies have been negligent, of course, they deserve to be punished. But so far it appears that they have been singled out because they are foreign-owned. No Indian soft drink makers have been tested for similar violations, even though many people believe that pesticide levels are even higher in Indian-made milk and bottled tea. And while pesticide residues are present in virtually all groundwater in India, New Delhi has largely ignored the problem. "We are continuously challenged because of who we are," says Atul Singh, CEO of Coca-Cola India.
It's true: Farmers there have discovered that Coke and Pepsi are low-cost pesticides that, when sprayed on crops, deter insects quite effectively.

As this video clip shows, that may be because sodas in India have, from time to time, been found to contain alarmingly-high levels of pesticides due to local water contamination (Coke and Pepsi are always bottled locally, using the local water).
Or perhaps there's something else in the sodas that deters pests. Phosphoric acid, for example, is highly acidic and may function as a pest deterrent. Or perhaps it's the aspartame in the diet soda. Since aspartame as well known to promote neurological side effects in humans, it is conceivable that it may function as a neurotoxic pesticide when sprayed on crops.

Transform the Salty Six

We are supposed to get less than 1,500 mg salt a day (less than one teaspoon of table salt!). Most Americans far supersede this limit. Sodium's in most everything you eat, and now the American Heart Association (AHA) is highlighting the top foods with excess sodium, aptly named “The Salty Six.” Before we jump into the list, here's some context. A teaspoon of straight up salt contains 2,300 mg of sodium. When you look on a nutrition label, a serving's worth of sodium that's within the safe range are as follows:
  • Sodium-free = less than 5mg per serving
  • Very low sodium - 35 mg or less per serving
  • Low sodium = 140mg or less per serving

Keep in mind, high blood pressure and sodium affects more than your heart -- those darn wrinkles. Too much salt can decrease calcium levels in your body. So lowering your salt consumption keeps your bones stronger.

1. Bread And Rolls
This tops the list because we Americans simply consume too much bread, period. A 1-ounce slice has 100 to 200 mg of sodium. Limit your intake to the size of a disk (100-percent whole grain, only of course -- you want to avoid those wrinkles, or at least enjoy better orgasms).

2. Cold Cuts And Cured Meats
Skip these altogether. The preservatives add a criminal amount of sodium to your meal. If you must do meat, lean ham and lean pork (tenderloin) will have less salt. Drop the Canadian bacon!

3. Pizza
It’s the perfect storm: bread, cheese, pepperoni and marinara sauce. One slice alone can make up more than half of your daily recommended intake! Go homemade with no-salt-added sauce, 100% whole wheat or other-grain-you-love dough, low-sodium cheese and leave the pepperoni at the door with the delivery.

4. PoultryGo skinless, lean and grilled. Watch out for grilled chicken sandwiches at popular fast food restaurants, those have 820 - 1330mg of sodium! That’s almost your day right there.

5. Soup
Make your own rather than canned (those ”low-cal” soups have around 800 mg)! Choose a low-sodium broth and season with spices and herbs. There are some soups you can enjoy (see our"You: On A Diet" for several really great ones with less -- some way less -- than 480 mg of sodium
6. Sandwhiches
Use the same meat alternatives as you do soup. Don’t forget about tofu and seitan! As for PB & J, try natural nut butters without added salt. To avoid going overboard on bread: open-faced sandwiches or fresh lettuce wraps.


Tips that will help us Reduce Stress

No one is exempted from having stress, anyone can affected, that is why you should the Tips below carefully to manage and coping with stress.

Remove Yourself From Situation
"I think completely removing yourself from the situation where there are no reminders of what is causing the stress is good for a break. I also think laughing with friends is a good remedy!"
– Stephanie Elliott, an HR professional in Seattle

Help Someone Else
"Something I have tried to use to reduce stress is to reach out in some way to someone who needs help. It could be as small as calling up someone you know who could use the company or going to Costco and buying socks and underwear for the homeless. I always feel better in part because it takes my focus off of my problems and also because it feels good to reach out to others."
– Julie Patyk, mother of three in New Jersey

GIBBERELLIC ACID (GA3) For Sale: improves plant growth and yield of Fruits and Vegetables

Resulta ng larawan para sa gif buy now
The chemical Gibberellic Acid (GA3) , is used in commercial horticulture to improve plant growth and yields.
Can be used safely on fruit, vegetables, and leaf crops.

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250 pesos per tablet, 6 tablets minimum purchase. Free Delivery.
We'll give direction on how to use it upon purchase. Accepting consultation for hot pepper, dragon fruit, corn, eggplant, and rice production.
GA3 can be mixed with Jfarm foliar fertilizer for best results.
Free Guide in Producing Eggplant, Hot Pepper, Tomatoes, and other commercial crops.

Products are safe to eat, crop and harvest after plant treatments at recommended concentrations.
Natural organic product. Breaks down naturally as plants grow.
This plant growth regulator can be found naturally in plants. Used on a wide range of food crops worldwide.
Routinely used for the production of seedless grapes in Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa and South America.

Classified as a plant growth regulator it can have a number of commercially important effects on how plants grow.
Gibberellic Acid can affect growth by its effect on cell growth and cell elongation. Such effects are often seen in stem growth as well as root growth. Stems and inter nodal lengths can be increased and a better more extensive root system develop. Increases in cell division can also sometimes be seen in the production of larger leaves. GA leads to bigger plants with bigger shoots and leaves in many plants.

Bigger plants produce bigger crop yields.

The exercise we need..

In a new study from Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital(BWH), in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, researchers have quantified how many years of life are gained by being physically active at different levels, among all individuals as well as among various groups having different body mass indexes (BMI).

The study was published in PLOS Medicine on Nov. 6.

“They found that adding low amounts of physical activity to one’s daily routine, such as 75 minutes of brisk walking per week, was associated with increased longevity: a gain of 1.8 years of life

The Oxytocin Role for Men

If they have found a remedy or answer to the attraction of men to opposite sex, how about the attraction of women to opposite? Here is the study..
A new study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, shows that when men in relationships are given oxytocin, they stay a farther distance away from unknown, attractive women.
"Previous animal research in prairie voles identified oxytocin as major key formonogamous fidelity in animals," study researcher Dr. Rene Hurlemann, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Bonn, said in a statement. "Here, we provide the first evidence that oxytocin may have a similar role for humans."
The study included 86 healthy, heterosexual men, and was broken into several parts. For one part, researchers administered either a nasal spray of oxytocin, or a placebo nasal spray to the men (about half of whom were single, while the other half were in committed relationships).

Then, 45 minutes later, an attractive woman came up to the men. In some cases, the men were asked to go toward the women; in others, the woman walked toward the men. The researchers instructed the men to say when their distance from her was an "ideal distance," and when it made them feel "slightly uncomfortable."
LiveScience reported that men who were in committed relationships and received the oxytocin kept a farther distance away from the attractive woman than the single men, or those who got the placebo instead of the oxytocin. Specifically, the men in relationships who got oxytocin preferred to stay 28 to 30 inches away from the attractive woman, compared with the 20 to 24 inches preferred by the single men and placebo-receivers.


The Healthy Snacking

There are plenty of delicious and nutritious foods around, but here are what identified as healthy food for our body that can be eaten during snack time..
Healthy eaters identified fruit, yogurt and nutritional bars as some of their top picks, but we wanted more. After all, we may need a bit more variety to deny ourselves the plethora of snack options available (thanks to office vending machines, must-try food trucks and co-workers' candy dishes).
So, we turned to the experts: We asked 10 nutritionists what they like to munch on when hungry in between meals. The R.D.'s were not short on snack food: From avocado halves to portable seaweed snacks, there's bound to be a tempting (and healthy) treat in the mix to keep you satiated. Check out their answers below for some snack-spiration, then let us know in the comments section what you love to nosh on.

The 25 Best Diet Tricks Of All Time

Learn from different expert but don't live with them. Here is what they say..

Don't Skip Breakfast
"Eat breakfast. It'll energize you for the day and keep your diet in check."

-- Mehmet Oz, M.D.,

Fixing your body form

If you want to fix and maintain your body form but don't know what you should do and how to start it, if you are looking for someone to guide you without spending much money so you can have it daily. The pictures below are illustration on how to do your own fixing body form at home. 
Every phase must maintain a 5 to 10 count or repetition maintaining the resistance to have a good effect in each process. This process will not only improve your body form but will also improve your health and strength.


SARS-like mystery illness emerges in Middle East

The World Health Organization in London had issued a global alert on Monday for a new SARS-like respiratory virus which left a man from Qatar critically ill in a London hospital and killed at least one more in Saudi Arabia.

The 49-year-old Qatari was admitted to an intensive care unit in Doha on September 7 suffering from acute respiratory infection and kidney failure before being transferred to Britain by air ambulance on September 11, the WHO said.

A Saudi Arabian national died earlier this year from a virtually identical virus, the WHO said, while Saudi medical authorities said they were investigating other possible cases of the disease.

The WHO confirmed the illness was in the coronavirus family but was not SARS, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which swept out of China in 2003, killing more than 800 people worldwide.

“This is a new virus,” WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl told AFP.

“We haven’t heard of any more new cases. We don’t have an appreciation of how widespread the virus is,” Hartl said. “This is one reason why we’re trying to get more information. We don’t know how it’s transmitted.”

The WHO said the Qatari first fell ill on September 3 after visiting Saudi Arabia.

Britain’s Health Protection Agency confirmed the presence of the new coronavirus and then found that it was a 99.5 percent match with a virus obtained from the lung tissue of a 60-year-old Saudi man who died earlier this year.

Coronaviruses are causes of the common cold but can also include more severe illnesses including SARS.

“Based on what we know about other coronaviruses, many of these contacts will already have passed the period when they could have caught the virus from the infected person,” it said.

John Watson, head of the respiratory diseases at the HPA, said: “Immediate steps have been taken to ensure that people who have been in contact with the UK case have not been infected, and there is no evidence to suggest they have.”

John Watson, head of the respiratory diseases at the HPA, said: “Immediate steps have been taken to ensure that people who have been in contact with the UK case have not been infected, and there is no evidence to suggest they have.”

Peter Openshaw, director of the Center for Respiratory Infection at Imperial College London, urged caution, saying any evidence of human-to-human transmission causing severe disease “would be very worrying”.

But fellow expert John Oxford, professor at the University of London, said he was “somewhat relaxed” because he believed the illness was more likely to behave “like a nasty infection rather than join the ‘exception’ group like SARS.”

Ways to Minimize Exposure to Sun Radiation

There are different ways to escape the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Here are some; 

  1. Avoid sun exposure. the sun's rays are strongest between 10 am to 2 pm.
  2. Avoid reflected sunlight from sand, pavements, or snow.
  3. Apply sunscreen with sun protection of at least SPF 15 (Sun Protection Factor). This should be repeated throughout the day if exposure is continuous. 
  4. Use sunscreens with prolonged exposure to artificial light source such as fluorescent lamps, welding arcs, cold quartz or bactericidal lamps.
  5. Wear protective clothing to reduce skin absorption of the radiation. smoke and smog in large cities only partially screens UVB rays so you have to be protected.

Care for the Atopic skin

The following are some of the procedures on how to care for atopic skin;

  1. Keep environment temperature constant
  2. Wear absorbent and non-irritating clothing (cotton)
  3. Use bland soap for laundry and rinse well
  4. Keep skin moist and supple
  5. Apply emollients or medicated creams immediately after bathing
  6. Frequent application of creams to soothe and protect the skin
  7. Adequate rest and relaxation are important
  8. positive outlook and emotional stability are essential

Causes of Allergy

Here are the different causes of allergies.

Allergens that you Inhale

  1. House dust mites
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Pets
  4. Pollens from trees, grasses, and weeds
  5. Mold spores
  6. Dusts and fumes at work
Allergens that you Swallow or Eat

House Dust Control Measures

Eliminate and control house dust through the following process,

  1. Keep the room of the allergy sufferer dust-free.
  2. Encase mattresses and pillows with soft plastic or use washable foams.
  3. Wash bed linens weekly in hot water.
  4. Remove stuffed toys or any dust collecting playthings.
  5. Do not store items under the beds.
  6. Keep furry pets away from the house.
  7. Remove rugs and carpets.
  8. Use damp cloth or damp mop after sweeping or vacuuming.

General Care for Psoriasis

What you need to do if you have Psoriasis, here it is;

  1. Remember that psoriasis is a treatable disease.
  2. Get 20-30 minutes exposure to sunlight regularly.
  3. Use emollients or moisturizers liberally.
  4. Bath in a coal tar bath at bedtime.
  5. Scrub scales off gently using a stiff brush.
  6. For scalp care, use coal tar shampoo.
  7. For nail care, remove debris under the nails gently and apply steroid cream.
  8. For psoriatic arthritis, splints and warm compress can be applied to affected joints.

What Causes Acne

What you must know to prevent and cure Acne.

  1. Hot, humid environment may clog sebaceous gland opening.
  2. Sun exposure can cause acne eruption.
  3. Sunscreen can cause comedones due to their heavy cream content.
  4. Oily or greasy cosmetics and hair treatments can exacerbate acne.
  5. Certain medicines like steroids, Vitamin B12, INH, and iodides can trigger acne formation.
  6. Acute, stressful situation can cause acne flare ups.

The Advantage of Standing

We all want sitting and laying down in bed. But do you know that is healthier to stand than to sit or lay down.
Standing appears to be better for your health than sitting.
Marc Hamilton and a team at University of Missouri Columbia found the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day was not enough to counteract health problems caused by sitting and sleeping the other 23.5 hours. Their research suggests that after several hours sitting, our bodies shut down burning fat and cholesterol. Standing switches those metabolic functions back on, and calorie burning is effectively doubled.

Picture source:
Working at standing position facing the desk or pacing while talking on the phone may be practical first step toward better health.

Article Source: Health and Home 2011

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Health Determiners

What contributes to long life and healthy living? This is a question for everybody. Because every one is interested to live longer and posses good health. But how could one obtained both good health and longer years of living?

Here are some determinants that should be considered and observe carefully;

  1. Environment. Our environment tells how healthy we are, showing the quality of air we inhale daily and the kind of environment that sustain and maintain our good health. A nice and healthy environment not only encourages healthy living but a happy moments as well.
  2. Medical care that is available. The medical care is one of the most important need, because we're not excuse or exempt to any disease, accident, and illness. So it is so important that we must have an access to the most recent and updated technology for medical care.

Top Ten Killers of Human Lives

Staying healthy counts a lot. Learn different means to fight any sickness and diseases. The World Health Organization have identified Top Ten Killers for High Income and Low Income fellow.

Here are the Top ten killer for the High income, arranged from top to bottom;
  • Coronary heart diseases 
  • Stroke and other cardiovascular diseases 
  • trachea, bronchus, lung cancers 
  • lower respiratory tract infection such as pneumonia 
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 
  • colon and rectum cancers 
  • Alzheimer's and other dementia 
  • diabetes mellitus 
  • breast cancer 
  • stomach cancer
The Top ten killers for low income fellows;

Secrets of Living Longer Years

Everyone wants to live longer and spend more years with our love ones and friends. We keep on searching means and ways on how to make our life longer. Let us find out secrets of people who lived longer years, staying healthy and happy with their own lives. Some study that was funded by U.S. National Institute of Aging, scientist have reported and identified three groups of people from different part of the world who belong to the longest lived on earth. They are identified as the following;
  1. The first group of people who lived longer years was found in Sardinia, Italy. These people who dwells in mountain villages, enjoy and maintain their good health by drinking red wine in moderation, eat pecorino cheese which is rich in omega 3 foods, and share the work burden with spouses. These people have managed to live long by enjoying their day to day activities.
  2. The second group of people was found living in the islands of Okinawa, Japan. Their secret of having long life is by eating small portions, tending their own gardens, and finding purpose in their life. Making life a wonderful opportunity.

Becoming Better from Mistakes: Doctor's Second Opinion

Resulta ng larawan para sa Doctor with teenage boy
Story and Experience..

My teenage boy was complaining for abdominal pain, he goes in and out of the comfort room to urinate and take out his vowel to ease the pain. During his constant urination, he experience painful discharge that he experience difficulty in urinating. He complains pain on the right lower part of his abdomen, a sign of pain that was same with the point where appendicitis is located, no feverand vomiting, just that continues pain that occur continuously, the pain can't be resisted by the patient anymore and it doesn't subside so I decided to bring the boy to the nearest hospital and clinic for proper medication and treatment.
At the hospital they initiated two laboratory test, urinalysis and blood test, to find out whether the first speculation about appendicitis were true or not. The result of blood test stated that the count of white blood cell is above normal the rest is normal, this indicates infection. The result of urinalysis indicates that there is blood in the urine. The suspect for appendicitis becomes clearer, we decided to have the ultra sound, but

Using Cashew to Cure Diseases

This fruit tree had grown in tropical countries. The leaves are oval in shape with rounded tips, its flower are yellowish and small. The fruit is pear shaped, producing a kidney shaped nut outside and under the fruit. It is known almost anywhere.

It is use for the following,

The Curing Capability of Okra.

We are all familiar with this kind of plant, except in area that it cannot be grown. But for those who haven't seen it yet, I'm sure that its fruit is available at the vegetable section in the market.
I'm sharing you the curing capability of okra, it will be a big help to those who can't afford to buy expensive medicines on the market today. Here is how to utilize it as medicine;
Okra (Lady's finger)

Understanding PMS; Premenstrual Syndrome


Premenstrual Syndrome or The Premenstrual Symptom, is a collection of physical and emotional symptoms that most women experience a few days before menstruation. The emotional and physical symptoms cause by PMS might vary from one woman to another, but each woman experiences a predictable pattern that occurs consistently during the ten days prior to her period. The symptoms are known to go away either shortly before or after her period starts. The result sometimes makes women over reacting, but we should know about this to understand and help them cope with this stage and cycle in having their monthly period.

Some Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome

  • The chief complaints relate to emotional symptoms such as increased emotional sensitivity, stress, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and fatigue.

Bountiful Harvest of Corn

We have again harvested the desired volume of  corn for this cropping season. Thanks to frequent rain from the month of November till January, it is an enough blessing. Here are some pictures taken to show how we grow yellow hybrid corn.
The sack of corn ready to be threshed. 

Tune Up Your Self

I have read different definition of tune up on web, but they're all related, the fact that they all pertains to one subject, the machine. The machine that is made up of iron, and function with the use of gasoline and oils. What I want to relate to you is a unique machine, our lifetime vehicle that moves us to anywhere, a machine that has no spare parts replacement. Our body is a machine that needs to be tune up, unlike machine that needs oil and gasoline, the body we have needs nutritious foods as source of energy and gas to function, and we need to use our body for activity, to tune it up we need to start slowly and moderately to avoid pain and accident. We must start from very simple thing we can do to be use to it, then the pacing is from slow to fast, the intensity is from moderate to difficult.
Here are some activity to tune up our body;

  • First, Let us start it with simple inhale exhale, we should prepare our heart and lung for any activity. Remember that our body needs oxygen and quick blood circulation for tune up. Start with long count of one until ten, the count will last for three seconds, the average. It is a long inhale and exhale, it is best to be done early in the morning, because air at that time is still fresh and not too much contaminated. A nice place to do this is at the garden or at an open field where there are lots of plants and vegetation. 

Be Careful with TV Commercials That Endorses Food.

Our children still doesn't know how to distinguish right or wrong. But everybody presume that everything we watch from TV is good. If you have observed, most of the things that was shown on TV commercials pertains on food. The food that was shown mostly if not junk, is grow food. The children develop interest on those foods especially that the one who act on it portrays delicious experience. So the children presume that it is a good food, because the one who act are healthy and enjoying in eating the food. But the truth is, the food they eat is not the kind of food we need daily, it is a kind of food that is less in nutrients and minerals. The food is a kind of food that should be eaten occasionally and not daily.
Majority of can afford families serve food according to what their children like and not their needs. Parents do not follow what is essential and good for their family, but rather follow their children wants. We put to

The Hybrid Corn After Almost Two Months

The corn are now on its flowering stage, they are about eight feet in height and began to bare fruit.There are no problem regarding pest and diseases because it is a yield guard variety. We only need to provide the water until the fruit will mature and ready for harvest.
 The corn besides our storage house..

Television Addiction Effect

The influence of media nowadays particularly television is so great. Almost everyone had been hooked up on TV from time of waking up till the time going to bed. Every one has their own program to watch  daily. Anywhere TV can be found, from home, workplace, office, bus, cellphone, and computer. Almost everywhere, the presence of TV can be notice.

But what risk and danger does TV brings especially to our children who don't really understand its purpose? We presume that everything that was shown on are very good, if it reach the proper audience. But often that we can't control kids viewing, and some of us use TV as guide to control and consume the time of our kids so that they will not focus on other activities. TV addiction is develop from childhood to adulthood. There are instances that we skip meals, work, and others just to give time for our favorite program to watch.

The Almost Two Months Old Hybrid Corn.

I have here pictures of our corn that is about to bear flower, comparing them in height at other corn beside our lot. Showing you also our diesel engine generator, use to irrigate the corn. I'll show you everything we have, so that you'll also learn and acquire the knowledge of producing more corn.
 I am five feet and ten inches, standing on the top of concrete post about five feet in height when I capture the picture of this corn field.

The Hybrid Corn, after one month and two weeks.

I updated the improvement of our corn production every week so that you will be notified and will proved that we are really capable of producing more harvest. By reading this, as a farmer you will get some idea of what to do to produce and gain more profit from farming. We're updated with the current prices of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, gas, oils, and other expenses for operation. That is why we are guiding and teaching you process and proper way of raising and production of corn.