Monday, December 19, 2011

The Needs and Essence of Gardening.

I would like to share you the different aspects needed in gardening. Raising and producing foods start in having small garden. The improvement of varieties and kinds of plants we produce and consume also start in a garden. I am posting results of what we have in the farm, and I think that there are some of you dear readers out there who would like to try and enjoy gardening. It is unfair for me to post result here without telling how I have done it, so little by little I will be imparting knowledge and technique we have in producing different crops. This blog was intended to inform and help you produce more food, because I believed that the main problem that everybody has right now is to where we can find source of food we must have to sustain our body needs daily.

The Needs

  1. You don't need to own a large parcel of land to start gardening. You only need a small part of land where seeds, cuttings, tubers, crowns, slips, and other planting materials could be planted. If you don't have small part of land, you could use containers to fill soil, plant any planting materials that may fit in and is suitable to grow within.

The Hybrid Corn After 34 Days.

We have a very fine weather, favorable for corn growers in lowland at the Northern part of the Philippines. We have scattered rainfall up to this date, it falls in the afternoon or during the night. The plant continue to grow, the corn that has been planted 34 days ago is on its way to vegetative stage. Here are the developments,
 This is about five feet tall..

Monday, December 12, 2011

Important Reason Why We Must Produce Corn.

Our Philosophy of producing more corn was formulated behind the reason that; "While we continue to consume chicken and pork, the production of more corn  is much needed." Here are the growth development of our corn,
After the rain that falls almost every other day, here they come, growing fast..

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Your children emulate both good and bad health habits. Teens whose parents smoke tend to smoke, while kids whose parents regularly exercise tend to exercise as well. Researchers also found that in two-parent homes, parents' influences or teens follow gender lines. Boys, emulate their father, while girls are more likely to model

Monday, December 5, 2011

23 Days Old Hybrid Corn.

The corn that had been side dress with fertilizer and irrigated, after seven days, as it continuously receive rainfall has on its way to his vegetative stage. It starts the formation of leaves and stem. Here it is,
 A closer look as they start forming up..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

16 Days Old Hybrid Corn

Producing hybrid corn these days needs close monitoring, treatment, and maintenance or else you will not be able to extract the desired production. The production of hybrid corn needs the needed care and maintenance that should be given on time, can't provide it on time means delayed development and lost of production. Here is our 16 days old corn, immediately after application of fertilizer is the irrigation, so that they will have the needed minerals and nutrients for formation and growth,

Irrigating, after the application of fertilizer..

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Best Way to Care for Dog or Cat Bite.

Although dogs are more likely to bite, cat bites are more likely to cause infections.
If the skin is broken but not torn, and bleeding is limited, was the wound thoroughly with soap and water. Apply an antibiotic cream and cover it with bandage. If you haven't had a tetanus shot within the last five years, you may need to get a booster.
If it's a deep puncture wound or the skin is badly torn or bleeding, apply pressure and seek immediate medical care. After the wound is cleaned and treated, you may be prescribed an antibiotic and given a tetanus shot if you haven't had one in five years.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Danger of Adolescent Romance.

Studies have found that adolescents involved in relationship with the opposite sex are prone to depression, delinquency, and alcohol abuse than those who are not. Possible causes of depression include: deteriorating relationship with parents especially when parents dislikes one's lover, poor performance in school, and breakups between lovers.
Although other  researchers contest this idea, saying that not everything is bad in having relationship with the opposite sex during the adolescent years, this study should sound an alarm for parents who, at present, are

Monday, November 21, 2011

Growing Corn and Flowering Mangoes Development.

Here is how we maintain growing yellow corn and flowering mangoes. To harvest more corn and mangoes, you should do something to have it. As you have seen in my previous post about corn and mangoes, we are able to harvest and gain that much in having proper care and maintenance of the needs of the plants, not giving their needs on time means smaller yield and harvest.

This flower stage need to be sprayed with fungicide and insecticide to protect it..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mangoes and Yellow Corn

It is again time for planting corn and inducing mango's flower. We are sharing some pictures on how we cultivate and produce more corn and mangoes. Our best production of mangoes last year has 300 "kaing," I just don't know if what is the approximate weight of a kaing of mangoes. We maintain 15 medium size of mango trees. Here are the pictures,
 Start to have flower..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Rice Panicle Development

The rice panicle while still having a flower. Not all of us have seen the beauty of how the number one source of energy will bare flower and form into grain until it is ready for harvest.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Unmatched Power of Happiness

Before and until now, happiness is claimed to be a source of energy and power.
New British research has found that the more satisfied you are with your life, the lower your danger of coronary heart disease.

Happy Life, Happy Heart
While it's long been known that negative emotions such as depression and anxiety put you at risk for heart disease, there's been surprisingly little research on whether positive emotions prevent coronary trouble. To find out, scientists asked nearly 8,000 people to rate their satisfaction in seven key areas of life: jobs, family, love, leisure, standard of living, sex, and self. Those who scored higher than average satisfaction in all categories had up to 13 percent less risk of heart disease, heart attacks,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nuts Contains Fewer Calories.

Nuts is belong to upper portion of food pyramid. They are part of grow foods, but they don't contain much calorie compared to the other kinds of grow foods. Know about their importance and function to maintain our body.

A recent study suggests that human bodies don't absorb all the calories in pistachios, because the fat from this nut isn't readily absorbed by the intestinal tract.

What's in a Calorie?
Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and alcohol have been assigned a simple caloric value most dieters know by heart. Protein and carbs supply 4 calories per gram of food while fat supplies 9 calories per gram. And alcohol lands in the middle -- at about 7 calories per gram. But in light of this new study, researchers believe that these caloric factors may be outdated and may overestimate calories. And the researchers figure that the caloric value of pistachios is probably overestimated by about 6 percent, given the number of calories that actually get absorbed. 

Here are two more reasons you should stock your pantry with pistachios:

Have it for 5 Minutes, and Get 5 Years Younger.

Everyone wants to control the process of aging, but no one can do it. But here are some way to possibly do your wish. Just try them and believed, then see if what will be the outcome.
In a Chinese study, the cells of enthusiastic tea drinkers showed about 5 fewer years' worth of wear and tear compared with the cells of people who drank little tea.

Age Marker
The enthusiastic tea drinkers averaged 3 or more cups of green or oolong tea daily, while the group that showed more signs of cell aging averaged less than a cup. The researchers looked specifically at the study participants' telomeres to see how much their cells had aged. Telomeres are the protective end caps on your DNA strands. They get a smidge shorter every time cells divide, so the shorter these caps are, the older your cells are, too. And in the study, the most avid

Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Way to Prevent Alzheimer's Diseases

This disease attack and affect anybody, so be careful and should know anything about it to prevent it.

The Super 7 Moves
More research is needed to confirm whether there is a causal link between these seven key risk factors and Alzheimer's. But there are plenty of other good health reasons to make the following changes:
1. Get moving. Inactivity is linked to greater Alzheimer's risk, so go for a walk every day. Walking every day can keep your brain from shrinking, too. Find out how many miles you need to log to prevent shrinkage.

2. Don't smoke. Or quit if you do. Smoking may up the likelihood of Alzheimer's. Try the 31-day plan to kick the habit for good.

3. Eat more watermelon. Why? A compound in this juicy summer fruit can help lower your blood pressure by as much as nine points! And low blood pressure at middle age may help protect against Alzheimer's. Learn about 12 other foods and beverages that help control blood pressure.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seven Worst Foods declared by World Health Organization as MOST Unhealthy.

The purpose of eating food is to supply the need of our body for nourishment. But not all foods are safe for nourishment. Let us take note of this foods that are not safe and will contribute unnecessary element that will affect our health.

1. French Fries

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maintaining our body

It is said that prevention is much better than cure.
We should know and particular about the food pyramid, the go, grow, and glow. The go foods are rice, cereals, bread, corn, and root crops. The grow foods are the meat, milk, eggs, nuts, fish, and butter. The glow foods are the different fruits and vegetables. We should eat plenty of go foods because it is our everyday source of energy, then minimal amount of glow foods, and little on grow foods. The different age group need different food and amount. The infant and children

needs more go and grow foods for their growth years. Adult need more go and glow foods. There are recommended amount of daily food intake for different age group, but if we are not aware, let us be familiar with the vitamins and minerals content of certain food we eat.  But if we're not sure, let us just take a little amount of the food we seldom eat, because we're not sure if what will be its effect on us after taking it.
Take this..
Every food we eat must need to be consumed or used up for our activity. Ninety percent cause of illness is the food we take. Any food that will be converted to energy that will not be used will destroy our body. So there is a need to activate our organs and system to function well and maintain our body. Sometimes we get lazy for any activity or work, but if we love our body and want to live longer and healthy, we must go in having any activity that will not only burn our fats and energy, but will maintain our flexibility and strength, and will make us stay younger and healthy.
If you're maintaining your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol, ask your doctor about your physical activity and the amount and kind of food that you must take daily.
Your health is your wealth, so be positive and serious about it. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

2017 Nutrition Month Theme

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Importance of Water Intake

   While we take and consume food daily, lack of adequate quantity of water in the body causes serious damage to our entire system. Water serves as lubricant and carrier of supply going throughout our system, don’t wait for the time that you’re thirst, because at that time you are already dehydrated.
   The water must be gulped and not sipped so that it goes straight into the intestines when drinking at early morning. Four glasses of water, preferably stored in a copper utensil for twenty-four hours will be taken first thing in the morning helps in easy flushing of the toxins from the system. You can get rid of problem regarding constipation and other related illness resulting to inadequate water intake if we start and continue drinking the needed quantity and measure of water daily.