Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sweet Mango Catimon Early and Continuous Fruiting Variety for Sale

Good news! Those who are looking for sweet mango seedlings can now avail it here, you can order by calling or texting this number, 09175015680. Shortened the waiting period, six months after planting your little mango tree starts to bare fruit. Pick up price Php 2,500.00
Accepting consultation for hot pepper, dragon fruit, corn, eggplant, and rice production. Call or text us, 09175015680

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Activated Charcoal for Sale

Resulta ng larawan para sa activated charcoalSo, how does activated charcoal work?   Activated charcoal works by trapping toxins and chemicals in its millions of tiny pores. Typically, however, it’s not used when petroleum, alcohol, lye, acids or other corrosive poisons are ingested. It doesn’t absorb the toxins, however. Instead it works through the chemical process of adsorption. In the body,absorption is the reaction of elements, including nutrients, chemicals and toxins, soaked up and assimilated into the blood stream. Adsorption is the chemical reaction where elements bind to a surface.

The porous surface of activated charcoal has a negative electric charge that causes positive charged toxins and gas to bond with it. The nooks and crannies in activated charcoal are created through a heating process. It’s important to note that activated charcoal is not charcoal used in your barbecue grill! Barbecue charcoal is loaded with toxins and chemicals, and should never be consumed.
For orders, contact 09175015680

1. Whitens Teeth

Turmeric "Luyang Dilaw" capsule for Sale

Resulta ng larawan para sa turmeric capsuleTurmeric Benefits
1. Prevents Cancer
 Turmeric can help prevent prostate cancer, stop the growth of existing prostate cancer and even destroy cancer cells. Multiple researchers have found that the active components in turmeric makes it one of the best protectors against radiation-induced tumors. It also has a preventive effect against tumor cells such as T-cell leukemia, colon carcinomas and breast carcinomas.
To purchase turmeric capsule, contact 09175015680
2. Relieves Arthritis
The anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric are great for treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, turmeric’s antioxidant property destroys free radicals in the body that damage body cells. It has been found that those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis who consume turmeric on a regular basis experience much relief from the moderate to mild joint pains as well as joint inflammation.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Yanmar TF 90 (Genuine) Parts for Sale

If you are looking for Japan made and genuine parts of Yanmar TF 90 or other model, it is available upon order.
For orders text 09175015680

Saturday, October 17, 2015

RYOBI Grass Cutter and Line Trimmer for Sale

Napapagod naba kayo o nagagastusan sa pamumutol ng mga damo. Sa pagkakaroon ng sariling grass cutter na madaling gamitin, mababawasan ang gastos at oras sa pagdadamo at nadidecompost ng madalian ang mga naputol ng damo.
Ang 30cc petrol grass cutter ay malakas at matibay, 6 to 7 kilos ang gaan at mas matipid kumpara sa iba. 
At higit sa lahat,100% Money back, guaranteed, kaya hindi masasayang ang inyong pinagpaguran.Grass cutter with Nylon cutter is only
4,499.00 pesos.

Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem for Amazing and Fast Plant Growth

Ang Foliar fertilizer po ay pampagana ng halaman para lumaki at gumanda, ito po ay parang vitamina na nagbibigay gana sa halaman para kumain ng patabang inilagay nyo sa lupa, o tinatawag na food supplement. Hindi po lalago at gaganda ang inyong halaman sa pamamagitan ng pagbomba ng foliar fertilizer. Ang tamang paraan ng pagpapalaki ng halaman ay, bigyan ng tubig at pataba, siguraduhing walang peste na sumisira at mag spray ng foliar fertilizer na magbibigay gana sa halaman para kumain ng kumain ng mga pataba galing sa lupa.
May foliar fertilizer po kami na epektibong nagpapagana sa halaman para kumain ng kumain ng pataba sa lupa para mabilis ang paglaki at pamumunga ng halaman. Ito po ang Power Grower na mabibili nyo sa halagang P 500. 00 bawat pakete, kami po ay nagpapadala ng order para sa malalayong lugar, ang bibili po ang siyang magbabayad para sa pagpapadala.
Ang produktong aming ebenebenta ay garantisado at subok na. Subukan din po ninyo para inyong mapatunayan at madagdagan po ang inyong kinikita.

JFARM Foliar Fertilizer with Power Grower Combo

Foliar fertilizer na pwedeng pang spray at pandilig. Napatunayang mas mahusay kaysa mga pangunahing foliar na kasalukuyang ginagamit. Mainam para sa mga gulay, palay, mais, at mga prutas. Napakabilis umepekto at cguradong mamumulaklak at dadami ang bunga ng inyong mga halaman. Mainam na pandilig sa mga halamang mabagal lumaki dahil pinapalakas nito ang ugat ng halaman. Nagiging matibay din ang halaman sa mga fungi at bacterial wilt.

JFARM Lactobacillus Probiotic and Organic Fertilizer

Proven effective in restoring the soil fertility and productivity by putting more earthworms and micro-organisms in the soil, beneficial for growing and fruit producing crops.
Faster decomposition of dry leaves, weeds, and branches. Essential element in organic farming,  reducing and eliminating the number of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

Gumagastos ba kayo para patayin ang fungi at mapanirang bacteria?
Mabagal ba lumaki at hindi maganda ang inyong mga halaman?
Mabaho ba sa inyong paligid?
Lagi ba kayong gumagastos sa deodorizer?

Adventuridge Tent for Sale

Wala ba kayong matulugan sa inyong pupuntahan?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gibberellic Acid to be given away

We are giving away 3 Gibberellic acid.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be notified to their Facebook account.
Have more entries for sure winning.