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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Catimon Sweet Mango for Sale, Early and Continuous Fruiting Variety

Good news! Those who are looking for sweet mango seedlings can now avail it here, you can order by calling or texting this number, 09175015680. Shortened the waiting period, six months after planting your little mango tree starts to bare fruit. Pick up price Php 2,500.00
Accepting consultation for hot pepper, dragon fruit, corn, eggplant, and rice production. Call or text us, 09175015680

Monday, November 21, 2011

Growing Corn and Flowering Mangoes Development.

Here is how we maintain growing yellow corn and flowering mangoes. To harvest more corn and mangoes, you should do something to have it. As you have seen in my previous post about corn and mangoes, we are able to harvest and gain that much in having proper care and maintenance of the needs of the plants, not giving their needs on time means smaller yield and harvest.

This flower stage need to be sprayed with fungicide and insecticide to protect it..