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Sunday, December 30, 2012

If you want Flawless White Skin

How is it?
  Skin peeling and skin bleaching are two different whitening techniques. Tretinoin is an example of skin peeling substance. It causes the most superficial layer of the skin to mature faster and peel off. Those who have dark discoloration caused by the inflammation from an acne or chickenpox can apply this to peel off the darkened skin. But even without this chemical, that layer of the skin, in natural process, the skin will eventually peel off and blend with the original skin tone in a slower process.
  The most popular medication being used now to whiten the skin is through the use of glutathione. Glutathione is an amino acid compound primarily used  as "liver vitamin" or as antioxidant. Its side effect is to stop or block skin pigmentation that can lead to a whiter and smoother  skin. It is now widely used for this cosmetic effect. It is available in several forms: as capsule, as spray under the tongue, and an inject-able preparation.

What can you do?
Beauty treatments are effective when used properly. when you decide to use any of this agents, keep in your mind that you may develop side effects or reactions from them.
  If you use these substances, be sure to use sun block cream or lotion. Tretinoin has been found to increase the incidence of skin cancer in experimental animals when exposed to sunlight without sun protection.

What the Doctor can do?
  Your doctor, a dermatologist or cosmetic can give you the proper guidance on how to apply or take these peeling and bleaching creams and capsules. Make sure that you have consulted a properly trained and experienced personnel to do the procedure to prevent yourself from having a worse problem than when you started the treatment.