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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Doctor's Second Opinion

Story and Experience..

My teenage boy was complaining for abdominal pain, he goes in and out of the comfort room to urinate and take out his vowel to ease the pain. During his constant urination, he experience painful discharge that he experience difficulty in urinating. He complains pain on the right lower part of his abdomen, a sign of pain that was same with the point where appendicitis is located, no fever and vomiting, just that continues pain that occur continuously, the pain can't be resisted by the patient anymore and it doesn't subside so I decided to bring the boy to the nearest hospital and clinic for proper medication and treatment.
At the hospital they initiated two laboratory test, urinalysis and blood test, to find out whether the first speculation about appendicitis were true or not. The result of blood test stated that the count of white blood cell is above normal the rest is normal, this indicates infection. The result of urinalysis indicates that there is blood in the urine. The suspect for appendicitis becomes clearer, we decided to have the ultra sound, but